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by in Uncategorized September 10, 2022

When we first started Laila Apiary, we didn’t understand just how much honey bees would change our lives. After getting our first hive, we were so excited about the chance to taste our honey. Fresh and pure. We can still clearly recall the first time we saw a capped frame of honey, the floral scent, and the burst of flavor. What started with honey quickly evolved into skincare products and allowed us to create a business around all of the goodness produced by our bees.

We never imagined that we would get an email from John Elliot to showcase our little business on the Shop Local segment. It was an incredible morning, filled with fright and excitement, which ultimately allowed us to bring sweetness to people across the tri-state. John went above and beyond airing segments about the bees (part 1 and part 2), our products, and our family (including Ron from Eastman Properties). Also, be sure to check out our Propolis Throat Spray or read more about propolis.

BEEIndulgent Highlights

Shop Local Saturday: BeeIndulgent
Shop Local Saturday: BeeIndulgent products

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