Fall Honey

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Did you know that honey comes in different colors and flavors depending on the season?

Our Fall raw honey is darker, with a deeper flavor resulting from the bees foraging wildflowers such as milkweed, alfalfa, sumac, Japanese knotweed, thistle, aster, and goldenrod.

As with our Spring honey, it’s a perfect companion to toast, tea, or just eaten off the spoon!

Try something a little different today!


Please note that Fall honey will not come with honeycomb that is normally produced in the Spring, depending on availability.

Honey is never heated, processed, and doesn’t contain any additives. Filtered through a double strainer to ensure wax and debris do not make it to the final product.

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8 oz, 16 oz

3 reviews for Fall Honey

  1. John Kulak (verified owner)

    You have not had honey until you try Laila’s honey. Fresh and filled with hints of the flavor of the season.

  2. Anonymous (verified owner)

  3. John Kulak (verified owner)

    From the local farm to your cup of tea. Or put it waffles, as my granddaughter enjoys. Get all the benefits of your local pollinators. Keep small. local businesses thriving.

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